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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I've become a scooter consumer advocate

and a 1 man advisory panel for all things Vento. They have an apparently lackadaisical attitude about truth in advertising, which we already knew due to the disparity in the R4i Phantom engine sizes as I have previously reported. Now I've been given a teeny little tidbit of information regarding their apparent apathy about selling uncertified scooters in the USA.

There may be legal action pending, so I can say no more right now concerning the circumstance. Hell, I'm still waiting for the details! I was able to provide 2 email addresses for employees of the Environmental Protection Agency that are in positions to hear and register compliance problems to the person that contacted me. I hope there will be details in the future that can be released to the world.

I guess its time for me to finish up the complaint form that I started to the Utah Consumer Protection Division. Now that I have a digital camera again I could do the tear-down and measurement of my scoot's displacement without too much trouble.

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